Why Mini Piling Contractors Rely On Mini or Micro Piles

Published: 26th September 2011
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Mini piling refers to specific subset of piling that includes different kinds of screwpiles and driven piles. Mini piling contractors use original screw pile that has a number of advantages compared to the traditional piles.

Mini piling contractors prefer mini or the micro piling methods, as they save both money and time of any underpinning projects. On site challenging applications benefit from use of reliable and convenient pilings. The micro or mini versions are generally smaller in comparison to the regular screw piles. Mini piling contractors can easily plant them in confined spaces without much difficulty.

Here we shall discuss why mini piling contractors prefer micro or mini piles:

Since traditional piling methods cannot offer many of the benefits, mini piling contractors put more value to the mini piles or the micro piles:

Mini piling contractors can use piles even when conditions under the ground are not very suitable. Mini piling contractors use micro or mini piles, which are rotary dried. Grout reinforced small sized piles can be installed at 200 ft depths through dense rocky and sandy layers. Contractors in most of the cases prefer micropiles because these remain unaffected by trash or cobbles in soil. Designs of micro piles help them to pierce through tough soils and rock bearing layers.

Removal or excavation of soil is not required while mini piles are used.

Mini piles are best option when conventional piles become unusable, because of too much weight.

Micro piles are a good option where access gets restricted for specialised equipment.

Mini piling contractors use micro piles when a particular structure needs major overturning moments.

Minipiling contractors use drilling methods to install mini piles. Grout columns develop with threaded rod and carbide bits, after drilling bedrocks with specialised drilling rigs. Tops of the micropiles are elevated and sleeve remains inserted to adjust to the underneath bracket system. Proposed locations help to perform tests on mini piles or production piles.

Mini or micro piles come with versatile, manoeuvrable, convenient and conventional piling options. There are cases when mini piling contractors rely on these piles for dependable, long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

The inherent advantages have made minipiles popular and globally acceptable among mini piling contractors. Foundation repair industries strongly recommend minipiles with advancement in underpinning brackets and drilling equipments.

It is very important to hire one of the expert mini-piling contractors, who have adequate knowledge about installation, design and manufacturing of mini piles.

How can you find the Best Mini-Piling Contractors?

You can research online for qualified mini piling contractors. Consultation with your project manager will clarify all your doubts and help you to gather sufficient information about piling procedures. Once you have requisite information, you can get quotes online easily. A comparative analysis online will help you to get the best quotes. Mini-piling contractors can suggest you the best piling option so that you can get concrete foundational structures. You will not have to worry about the worth of money you spend, once you employ certified mini piling contractors at work.

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