Weddings in Greece: Mamma Mia Style

Published: 31st January 2011
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The wedding scene in Mamma Mia was beautiful. The donkey ride up the mountain, views from the hill side, the quaint mountaintop church… if only weddings in Greece could be just like that. Well, you are in luck. The fantasy could be your reality.

Weddings in Greece could have all of the Hollywood magic of movies such as Mamma Mia. Greece is made up the large city (Athens) and several outlying islands. Although Mamma Mia was not shot on Santorini, it is an island that very closely resembles the island depicted in the movie. The steep mountainside can be traversed on the back of donkey to ascend from or descend to sea level. Although tourists are discouraged from taking a donkey ride unless they are prepared for a very bumpy ride at a fast pace, if you are looking for an adventure, the donkeys await you. For all others, the winding staircase or tourist buses are equally romantic. Santorini is a popular destination for spot for brides desiring weddings in Greece due to the fantastic sunsets and one-of-a-kind views of the Aegean Sea.

You do not have to go to Santorini, however, to find a hilltop church. Churches abound in Greece. If a quaint, little stone church is what you are looking for, you have your choice of several hundred! Weddings in Greece can be held in tiny churches designed to hold a handful of people to magnificent churches with seats for hundreds. Mykonos and Santorini have white churches with blue domed roofs, Athens has stone churches with magnificent frescos and stunning masonry. Churches with character are part of the heritage of Greece and can be found in Athens and all of the inhabited islands.

No matter where you go in Greece, Athens or one of the many islands, you will find a location for your wedding that rivals anything Hollywood has depicted. The scenery is beyond description. The ancient churches are in remarkable, serviceable condition. The weather is cooperative and the whole experience is perfection.

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