A Short Biography of Artist Banksy

Published: 01st February 2011
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Are you interested to know about Banksy, his profession, the kind of artist Banksy is and why has masked himself in the crowd? The questions are never-ending and the list could be much longer. This article helps you know certain things about Banksy.

Many art lovers has been struggling to know more about the famous street artist Banksy, trying hard to find the answers to know about him and the reason that has made the whole world discuss about him. In this world, where everybody is busy capturing the attention of the public, Banksy on the other hand has achieved the name and fame by remaining mysterious. Banksy has been successfully creating highly impressive pictures including both the revolutionary and the downright. Moreover, Banksy has made himself comfortable in various art forms using stencils also showing his interest into the roots of the traditional graffiti. This artist from the UK has created amazing drawings and you can define him as one of the finest artists in today’s era.

Banksy’s drawings mostly portray his anger towards the government for commenting and categorizing graffiti as vandalism. You might be amazed to find a famous and well-known artist staying successfully as a mystery and at an age when politicians, celebrities etc push each other to remain in the limelight. Many people wonder if ever People magazine would publish an article on this popular street artist Banksy or a television series gossiping about this hidden personality or a newspaper article speak about his likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies etc. However, it is true that many people in the UK do have the urge to know about his personal life, the reason to step into the world of graffiti, and his inspirations.

Banksy’s mysterious nature to keep himself aloof from the world hardly puts an impact on his admirers or avoids them from taking interest in his drawings. You can find many of Banksy’s drawings on public spaces displaying important suggestions especially with political messages and other inspiring stuff that would make people stop, look intently, and speculate. Many of Banksy’s work would work like the food for your imagination, his drawings reflects his visionary nature and at times heart touching due to the hard-hitting truth about life he brings forth.

Banksy has huge fan followers in the UK and many of them have collected his drawing in the forms of photographs as well as in the forms of prints. Many fans of Banksy have also got their bodies tattooed with some of his famous drawings. If you are looking for unique and beautiful drawings by Banksy, you may find them at famous art galleries also available online. The work of this artist is available in many art galleries all throughout the world. However, it is good to consider the reputation of the art gallery before purchasing. Look for art galleries that has an impressive collection of Banksy’s drawings and the purchase the one to suit your needs and budget. A good collection of art created by Banksy, the famous UK artist would surely bring you lots of appreciation.

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